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Since 2011

With the help of Scandinavian-fashion designers, we design beautiful products using locally accessible materials and some mix match from other part of the world. These products trend globally because they meet the international standards. For the dolls, We use cotton yarn which is 100% made from Uganda to produce our lovely stuffed dolls in various animal image and education dolls. Some of the dolls we produce include lions, elephants, hippos, monkeys, Zebras and the educative dolls include fruits, activity friends and any other customized products. For the Jewellry, Fashion designers from Scandinavian countries combine with East African designers to design beautiful clutch purses, bags, Jewellry which trend to various age groups especially the young girls, middle aged and elderly women. We use paper beads in various trendy colours with combination of some other matching materials to make these products. The paper beads making process includes;

  1. Cutting the papers into the desired strips
  2. Rolling them into a bead shape
  3. Varnishing the beads using eco friendly varnish to protect them from the harsh environment
  4. Assembling the beads into the desired designs/ products.


Who we do it for?

We train vulnerable groups of women with skills of making high quality Jewellry, crotchet and tailoring. Through the help of local community leaders we identify women who are vulnerable and fit within our criteria of being poor earning less $1 a day, residing within Kampala District specifically in the areas of Nakawa and Kawempe division where we are operating from. The ladies are taken through training of making a specific hand craft and the quality is assessed by the supervisor (each group has a supervisor ) and if the quality is approved, the ladies are given materials to start producing and the products made are delivered to stores on weekly basis. Then payments are processed and the ladies are paid weekly for the products made.
Besides learning hand craft skills, the ladies are also trained in life skills, basic business skills to prepare them for the diverse world to be more self-independent.
Over time we have built satellite groups of women in various location which include; Mutungo, Mbuya, Acholi quarter, Kanyanya and Kyebando and the women total number rounds up to 1000 people.

The impact

Women have been able to support their families with food, accommodation and education for their children. Most of our members are single parents, widows and married women who barely get enough financial support from their spouses. We meet women who are caring for a family of 7 to 10 dependents and they entirely depend on one person for almost everything.
We have had inspiring stories like that of a widow who joined us while her children were in a lower class and by that time she couldn’t afford to pay for them but as we speak now they have been able to finish university.
We shall share more inspiring stories with time for you to get a grasp of what we are talking about.
We are contributing to the economy of Uganda through providing jobs in the informal sector, the income obtained by the women is far better than some people in the formal sectors like junior teachers and nurses.

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